November 8, 2023

Arnaud Lagardère appointed Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Hachette Livre

At its meeting today, the Board of Directors of Hachette Livre decided to appoint Arnaud Lagardère as the company's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, replacing Pierre Leroy.

This change of governance is designed to build on Hachette Livre's major projects and successes of recent years under the leadership of Pierre Leroy, as a new chapter in its history is set to open with the impending merger between the Lagardère and Vivendi groups.

The Board of Directors thanks Pierre Leroy warmly for his commitment to Hachette Livre and to the Group. Pierre Leroy will continue to play a full part within the Lagardère group's General Management, in his role as Deputy Chief Executive Officer. Arnaud Lagardère remains Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Lagardère group.

Arnaud Lagardère commented: "I would like to thank Pierre Leroy personally and sincerely for his work and achievements, which have set the Hachette Livre group firmly on the path toward global leadership, its transformation and adaptation to the changing publishing environment. In light of the impending merger of the Lagardère group and Vivendi, I wanted to demonstrate my historical and deep-rooted attachment to the book trade, which the Lagardère family has always supported, including through periods of market uncertainty.
Publishers and authors know what they owe Pierre, a man of passion and love for books in all shapes and forms. Pierre has carefully nurtured an intimate and enduring relationship with the authors of our publishers. I aim to maintain this link and continue to make Hachette Livre the greatest home for authors, in all their diversity and talent.”

Pierre Leroy commented: "I would like to thank Arnaud Lagardère for entrusting me with this wonderful mission managing a world-leading publishing group with an abundance of talented companies and prestigious writers. This step marks a new commitment towards the Hachette Livre group, its publishing houses, its authors and its employees. Arnaud is aware that he can always count on me to be at his side as he writes this new chapter in the group's history. I would also like to extend my sincere thanks to the publishers and authors who make Hachette Livre such a great company, and to all the people I have had the honour of working alongside.”

Hachette Livre is a subsidiary of Lagardère SA and the world’s third-largest mainstream publishing group (trade and educational). With revenue of €2,748 million in 2022, it is the market leader in France, number two in the UK, third in Spain and fourth in the US (in trade publishing). The Group comprises over 200 imprints which together publish around 15,000 new titles each year in a dozen languages (mainly French, English and Spanish). It covers all segments of the mainstream publishing market: general fiction, nonfiction, paperbacks, children’s and YA books, illustrated books, travel guides, textbooks, study guides and partworks.