Board games

In a field not so distant from books, Hachette Livre has diversified by using its expertise to publish board games and mobile games in France and abroad.

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Hachette Boardgames and Hachette Mobile Studios are the Hachette Livre businesses devoted to board games and mobile games respectively.

Board games


With plenty of talent and passion, authors, and publishers, the world of board games has much in common with the world of books.
Since 2019 Hachette Livre has been successfully expanding in the board game segment. Now well-established in the French market, Hachette Boardgames continues to grow internationally. In 2022 Hachette launched board game businesses in the United States, the United Kingdom and the Benelux.

Hachette Boardgames is a branch of Hachette Livre devoted to board game publishing. It comprises game publishers Gigamic, Studio H, Funnyfox, Le Scorpion Masqué, Sorry We Are French, Catch Up Games, La Boîte de jeu and Hiboutatillus, which publishes Blanc Manger Coco. It also includes distributors Gigamic and Blackrock Games in France, Randolph in Canada, Hachette Boardgames USA, Hachette Boardgames UK and Hachette Boardgames Benelux.

All our game publishers

Quite a few Hachette Boardgames creations have won awards:

  • Oriflamme (Studio H): As d’or 2020
  • Roulapik (Gigamic):  Kinderspiel des Jahres 2020
  • Micro Macro (Blackrock): As d’or 2021 and Spiel des Jahres 2021
  • Flashback Zombie Kidz (Scorpion masqué): As d'or Enfant 2023
  • Akropolis (Gigamic): As d'or 2023
Mobile games

Since 2016 Hachette Mobile Studios has been home to Hachette Livre’s mobile game studios.

IsCool Entertainment is a mobile game studio located at the crossroads between competitive and casual gaming. Its portfolio includes games like Wordox, Is Cool, Belote Multijoueur, Crazy 8 and Super Kiwi Castle Run. Neon Play is a leading British video game design studio focused on smartphones and tablets.

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