Our commitments to society

Hachette Livre plays a crucial role in education, culture and democracy by ensuring access to its content for all.

Engagement sociétal
Through the works published by its many imprints, Hachette Livre shares knowledge and insight with the widest possible audience.

Promoting reading


The Group includes quite a few educational publishers, such as Hachette Éducation, Alexandre Hatier, Dunod - Armand Colin and Le Livre Scolaire in France.
At Hachette UK, Hodder Education is a leading publisher of textbooks and digital teaching resources.
In Spain, Anaya Educación has been a benchmark since 1959.

Under the aegis of
The Fondation de France
The Fondation Hachette pour la lecture

The Fondation Hachette pour la lecture, which operates under the aegis of the Fondation de France, was founded in 2022. It aims to support and fund non-profit organizations which promote reading, writing, and the French language more generally, to all audiences—with a special focus on young people as well as those who are not engaged in or are unable to read due to a disability, hospitalization, loss of autonomy or difficult living conditions. In so doing, it hopes to help combat illiteracy and reduce school dropout rates.

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Boosting under-represented voices and defending freedom of expression

The Group’s publishers bring a wide range of voices to the fore. Environmentalism, feminism, inclusion and diversity are just a few of the themes showcased by Hachette Livre publishers.

  • In France, there’s the environmentalist activist publisher La Plage, the feminist collection Les Insolentes (Hachette Pratique), and the La Grenade imprint (JC Lattès), which promotes stories from diverse backgrounds.
  • In the UK, Dialogue Books spotlights ethnic, social and LGBTQI+ minority voices, and the Mo Siewcharran Prize nurtures authors from diverse backgrounds.
  • In the US, the Legacy Lit imprint aims to amplify the voices of under-represented communities.

Hachette Livre supports innovation for education



In 2018, as digital technologies accelerate in education, the Hachette Livre Group created an e-Education department for all of its education imprints: Hachette Éducation, Hatier-Foucher, Didier and Dunod-Armand Colin. It brings together a multitude of programmes and partnerships already active within the Group such as Educadhoc, the Kiosque Numérique Éducatif for textbooks, an AI partnership with Knewton, and e-learning partnerships like KWYK. KWYK is an interactive learning drill website for maths, physics, chemistry and French. It allows teachers to create personalized revision programmes for their students and to track each one’s progress and weak points via a customized dashboard.

Since 2017 Hachette Livre has also partnered with Educapital, which became the first European Article 9 impact fund focused on Edtech in 2021. Through the fund, the Group supports the development of innovative players which promote the most accessible, inclusive and effective education possible.

In 2020 Hachette Livre acquired Lelivrescolaire.fr, which designs collaborative textbooks in both print and free digital formats.

Engaging our employees


Hachette Livre encourages its employees to get involved with causes they believe in and to support the company’s philanthropic initiatives. Volunteering promotes team building and best practices while accomplishing meaningful missions for non-profit organizations.


Making content more accessible
Hachette Livre is constantly expanding the amount of content it makes available to people who are prevented from reading or who must overcome obstacles to reading.

Novels and essays are available in the "native accessibility" ePub3 format, which can be processed by Braille keyboards or text-to-speech programmes. The imprints submit their books to the BnF's Platon platform, through which certified organizations create different accessible formats. Working with Mobidys, several of our children's and YA publishers convert their titles into Frog and Daisy formats and make them more readily accessible to readers with dyslexia or learning disabilities via digital and audiobook editions.

Hachette Livre signed the Accessible Books Consortium’s Accessible Publishing Charter, which includes eight principles for creating digital publications accessible to people with print disabilities.

  • 99%
    digital books available in reflowable ePub format in 2022 for new text-based titles

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