March 24, 2020

Albert Uderzo is gone

It is with great sadness that we have learned of the passing of Albert Uderzo, co-creator of the Asterix comic books alongside René Goscinny.

For over 60 years, Asterix brought enjoyment and sheer delight, page after page and read after re-read, to millions of readers across the world. A real legend of a character, this Gaulish adventurer has become part of our literary and artistic heritage, and will long continue to uphold the values of tolerance and resistance through his adventures.

Above and beyond an immense artistic talent, we have lost a truly exceptional personality, loved and cherished by all those fortunate enough to meet him. On a more personal note, I admired his sense of humanity, his sound insight and his ability to remain level-headed despite the phenomenal success of his French comic book.

My heartfelt thoughts go out to his wife, Ada, with whom he shared almost seven decades of married life, to his daughter Sylvie and to all his family, who have our wholehearted support at this sad time.

Albert Uderzo will go down in the history of art as one of the greatest creative geniuses that France has ever produced and will forever be held dear in our hearts.

We are deeply appreciative of the faith that he placed in us by entrusting us with the future of his beloved character, which we now take on with a great sense of duty and responsibility.

Merci Maestro !

Arnaud Nourry, Chairman and CEO of the Hachette Livre Group