"The White Iris": the new Asterix book published by Éditions Albert René

The much awaited 40th instalment of the Asterix adventures was released in many countries on October 26.

The little Gaul with a big reputation continues his journey in The White Iris, a story imagined by FabCaro and illustrated by Didier Conrad.

FabCaro and Didier Conrad team up for the 40th book

Asterix first appeared on the page in 1959, in a tale penned by René Goscinny and drawn by Albert Uderzo.
In this 40th book, FabCaro’s story comes to life in art by Didier Conrad, who has drawn Asterix since 2013.
The comic book writer and novelist known for his offbeat humor says he had a lot of fun playing around with the characters in the cult series for the first time.

The White Iris: a new school for positive thinking

The new book tells the story of a peaceful Gaulish village disturbed by the arrival of Vicevertus, a doctor in Julius Caesar’s army.
An adherent of “positive thinking,” Vicevertus created the White Iris, a school inspired by Greek philosophy that teaches a message of kindness, empathy and harmony to Roman legionaries and Gauls. Lofty words that conceal less noble intentions...

International launch

The adventures of Asterix and Obelix have been a great success for more than 65 years and are now the top-selling comic book series worldwide.
Five million copies of The White Iris were printed in 20 languages and dialects for the simultaneous release in France and a host of other countries.

In figures


  • 5,000,000: copies of The White Iris printed worldwide.
  • 20: number of languages and dialects into which The White Iris was translated for the simultaneous release.
  • 440: number of panels in The White Iris.
  • 747: number of text bubbles in The White Iris.
  • 40: number of Asterix adventures published since 1961.
  • 393,000,000: number of Asterix books sold worldwide since the character was created.
  • 65: Asterix’s age in 2024 – a birthday that will be celebrated!

​​​​​​Photo credit: © Christophe Guibbaud