Results of the Hachette Livre eco-challenge

  Winners of the eco-challenge rolled out by the CSR Department received their awards in September 2022.

The goal was to showcase eco-designed products and green processes within the Hachette Livre Group and share the most impactful initiatives to collectively improve our environmental footprint.
The quality and diversity of applications received are proof of companywide employee enthusiasm about the topic, which underpins our ambition to become a responsible leader by engaging our teams in a co-constructive approach at every stage in the lifecycle of our products.

The winners are:

  • Hachette Education for its eco-citizen notebooks;
  • HATIER for its eco-designed holiday workbooks;
  • RAGEOT EDITEUR for the revamp of its paperback collection;
  • Hachette Livre Distribution for its efforts to reduce plastic use in the supply chain and improved management of end of life for our books. 

The transmission of knowledge, teaching methods, best practices in publishing, energy-saving approaches to logistics and the circular economy shown through as major challenges in this edition.

For each application received, Hachette Livre donates €100 to the NGO Reforest’Action. By investing their time, the employees behind the projects help to support our commitment to protecting and restoring forests.

Hachette Livre eco-challenge awards ceremony.