Hachette Livre publishes its 2022-2023 CSR report

Corporate Social Responsibility is central to the strategy at Hachette Livre Group, which is determined to devise new development models that are more eco-friendly and inclusive.

This new CSR report provides an overview of all the actions taken by Hachette Livre in France in 2022, highlights various initiatives outside France at Hachette Book Group, Hachette UK and Grupo Anaya, and presents the Group’s CSR priorities for 2023. All the actions are taken in line with the Lagardère Group CSR strategy and complement existing initiatives.

Protecting the environment

As the third-largest international publishing group, Hachette Livre is implementing commitment-driven, concrete action plans to reduce its plastic footprint, protect and promote biodiversity at its sites, and achieve a 30% reduction in its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

A firm believer in the fact that everyone, across all professions, has a role to play, Hachette Livre strives to involve all its employees in this collective commitment, through various awareness and co-construction efforts. In 2022, the Group organized its second Eco-Design Week, and held Climate, Biodiversity and Digital Fresk workshops. “Green IT” modules were also offered to educate employees about sustainable technology use.

Hachette Livre in France is an active member of the Environment Commission at the French Publishers Association.

Pursuing social commitments

Hachette Livre remains committed to being the most inclusive publishing house possible. The Group educates employees about disabilities through its “Mission Handicap” network (including webinars on dyslexia and autism) and guides them in gaining disabled worker status and making the workplace adjustments necessary for continued employment.

Awareness campaigns are regularly carried out within the Group, such as the 2022 self-assessment on diversity issues for employees in France. Equal opportunity initiatives are moving forward through partnerships to guide students and recent graduates joining the workforce.

Hachette Livre continually strives to improve the quality of life at work for all its employees. Quality of Life at Work Weeks open to all employees provide an opportunity to talk about and take action on topics related to health and wellbeing in the workplace. In 2022, certain spaces were collectively redesigned to promote collaboration (in particular hybrid in-office / remote work), spark creativity, and enhance everyone’s wellbeing at work.

Making a positive impact on life and society

Hachette Livre continues to embrace and defend its vital role: contributing to the world of education, culture, and democracy, while also ensuring everyone has access to its content.

As a founding member of the PEN International Publishers’ Circle, Hachette Livre staunchly supports and defends freedom of expression and thought, as well as informed, nuanced debate.

The Group continues to promote and develop education and pursue its mission of passing on knowledge using new tools, many of which digital. Hachette Livre is also an investor in Educaptial, funds I and II, and a member of its Impact Strategic Committee.

2022 was a year of strong showings of solidarity, with the launch of the Fondation Hachette pour la lecture, and efforts in support of the Ukrainian population by the Group, its publishing houses and its employees.