Hachette Livre forms a long-term partnership with Libraries Without Borders

On September 26, Hachette Livre and Libraries Without Borders signed a 2023-2026 partnership agreement to develop a long-term alliance spanning a wide array of initiatives.

The Group held a conference for employees in conjunction with the agreement, to review the joint projects underway for over a year, and explore new areas for working together over the next three years.

A series of joint initiatives since 2022

A look back in pictures at Hachette Livre’s projects with Libraries Without Borders since 2022: Ideas Box, My Book Bag, Design Jam Solidaire, and skills mentoring.

A partnership agreement through to 2026, for a long future working together

Hachette Livre formalized its alliance with Libraries Without Borders by signing an agreement that sets out long-terms aims as part of a three-year framework with three components: financial backing, work by Hachette Livre employees to support the non-profit’s initiatives, and donations in kind.

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