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Hachette Livre launches Ritméo, a smart printing management solution integrated into its distribution facility
February the 20th

The structural decline in sales of slow-selling books is forcing publishers to find the right balance between stockout and overstocking.
To tackle this new challenge and ensure that all publishers have the right quantity of stock, Hachette Livre is launching Ritméo, a service aimed at books selling between 100 and 1,000 copies per year.
Ritméo manages reprinting of each title automatically to ensure that stocks are maintained at the optimum level taking into account the book’s type and sales history. This smart management solution significantly reduces stocks at the publishers’ end, with no intervention on their part, while ensuring that booksellers always have the optimum stock level.
Ritméo produces books of perfect quality with multiple specifications (cover, size, paper) that are identical in every way to the first-edition copies.
To develop this innovative solution while preserving the printing sector, Hachette Livre relies on the most advanced digital technology and has joined forces with DupliPrint, a French graphic design and digital book printing company based in the Paris region.
Ritméo complements the print-on-demand service already in place at the Maurepas distribution centre which offers a solution for books selling fewer than 100 copies per year.

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