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Official opening of the Hachette UK book distribution centre in Didcot
April the 11th

In Didcot, Oxfordshire on 9th April 2019, the Hely Hutchinson book distribution centre was officially opened.

The new Hely Hutchinson Centre (HHC) which entered into operations on 20th August 2018, is one of the most advanced distribution centres in Europe, with leading-edge automation and modern systems which will ensure world-class service to customers and publisher clients. It will ultimately become Hachette UK’s sole distribution centre and the publishers currently served by LBS and Bookpoint will migrate to it as part of a managed transition between 2018 and 2020. Hachette provides comprehensive distribution services to over 45 publishers, many of which are third party clients from outside the Hachette UK group.

In its full stride Hachette UK Distribution will ship in excess of 60 million books globally each year and supply one out of every four books to the UK trade.

From left to right : Matt Wright, Chief Executive Officer Hachette UK Distribution ; Chris Emerson Chief Operating Officer Hachette UK ; Joanne Westbrooke, Chief Operationg Officer Hachette UK Distribution ; Arnaud Nourry, Chairman and CEO Hachette Livre ; Tim Hely Hutchinson, former Chief Executive of Hachette UK ; David Shelley, CEO of Hachette UK ; Councillor Monica Lovatt, Councillor Sandy Lovatt.



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