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German Sanchez Ruiperez founded Ediciones Anaya in Salamanca in 1959, specializing in school textbooks. Over the years, the publishing house expanded its activities through the acquisition and start-up of various companies such as Cátedra and Alianza, focused on literature and the humanities, and Pirámide and Tecnos, targeting university-level and professional readers.

This growth continued with the launch of additional businesses and imprints across the various Spanish regions, in keeping with the Anaya’s commitment to support the country’s multilingual landscape. Ediciones Anaya, which joined Hachette Livre in 2004, now includes some twenty imprints and has pursued its international expansion in Latin America, especially in Mexico. With some 2,900 new titles published in 2019, Hachette España is a leader in the textbook market and remains a major player in the general fiction and nonfiction category.

    • Founded 1959
    • Titles on backlist 8,410
    • books published/year 960

    Anaya Educación is a leading educational publisher. In 2019, it expanded its

    elementary education project Pieza a Pieza, which was launched the previous year, and which is now firmly established across Spain.

    The success of the series is due to a combination of factors. The project is coherent, with key elements organized in sequences throughout, and which are clearly and effectively represented in all the project materials. There is a wide variety of resources designed to facilitate teaching and student learning; it offers a high degree of normative and curricular rigor, is adapted to vernacular languages and is available in bilingual and digital formats.

    A rational innovation framework structures the series, so that it can be adapted to the needs of a large majority of teachers and ensures materials can be used for plenty of in-class activities. Equality between human beings, diversity, inclusion and values education is of the greatest importance.

    Anaya Educación takes corporate social responsibility seriously and has launched several initiatives in this area. One of them is based on the value of sport, entitled Juega Limpio: el Valor Educativo y Social del Deporte.


    C/ Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena, 15 28027 Madrid - Spain
    Tel : (34) 91 393 88 00
    • Founded 2000
    • Titles on backlist 150
    • books published/year 10
    Anaya ELE (Español Lengua Extranjera) specializes in Spanish as a foreign language and publishes benchmark language learning methods such as the Nuevo Sueña, Método Anaya ELE and Nuevo Mañana, all of which are available in digital format too. In addition, the Gramática series of the Anaya ELE EN collection will be completed in 2020, with the launch of the higher C1/C2 level. This year, Anaya ELE is diversifying its offering with Curso de Cultura, a new collection that expands the new culture section. Lastly, there will be two new additions to the adventures of Gafas y Ruedas, a comic book format for secondary school teenagers.


    C/ Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena, 15 28027 Madrid - Spain
    Tel : (34) 91 393 87 00
    • Founded 1985
    • Titles on backlist 1,910
    • books published/year 80

    Algaida Editores is the national market leader in educational publishing for young children. The global projects, Palomitas de maíz and La granja de Nito, both aimed at children up to age six, continue to be warmly received by teachers. In addition, complementary teaching materials for literacy, graphomotor skills, English and mathematics, as well as project workbooks for the ¡Me interesa! collection cover a wide range of educational requirements. Currently, Algaida is developing new teaching materials aimed at early childhood education, based on active pedagogies and methodologies that are established in several educational centers. Early childhood methods tailored to Latin American countries, as well as textbooks for the baccalaureate and secondary school education, round out the educational catalog.

    Algaida also publishes a remarkable list of literature for children, as well as poetry and fiction for adults in Spanish. It publishes winners of major literary prizes. El mapa del tiempo (The Map of Time) by Félix J. Palma was translated in more than 30 countries and won the Ateneo Prize. This year, it was awarded to José Ángel Mañas, a major figure of recent Spanish literature.Algaida is a leading publisher of new talent.


    Avda. San Francisco Javier, 22 Edif. Hermes Pl. 5ª, mód. 3-8. 41018 Sevilla - Spain
    Tel : (34) 954 652 311
    • Founded 1980
    • Titles on backlist 1,900
    • books published/year 270
    Barcanova is the leading imprint in the field ofeducational content in Catalan. The publisher’s competitive edge lies in its emphasis on innovative teaching materials that incorporate the latest classroom trends, based on active methodologies as well as meaningful ways for students to learn. Barcanova’s in-depth knowledge of Catalan language learning has made the imprint a reference in this field. The materials are suitable for all ages from preschoolers to adult learners. The imprint’s catalog of children’s and young adult literature maintains its original philosophy of promoting reading at all educational levels. The emphasis is on publications aimed at beginner readers, as well as on adaptations of the classics and translations of works into other languages.


    C/ Rosa Sensat, 9-11 4a planta 08005 Barcelona - Spain
    Tel : (34) 932 172 054
    • Founded 1986
    • Titles on backlist 500
    • books published/year 35

    Edelsa specializes in Spanish as a foreign language (SFL), with a wide range of content aimed at adults, teens and children. It is the leader in its market with titles such as Experiencias, Submarino, Colega, ¿Español?, ¡Por supuesto!, Instantes, collections of leveled reading and Preparación a los DELE (Spanish diplomas). All the manuals come with additional materials and digital resources for both teachers and students. Edelsa’s publications help spread the Spanish and Latin American language and cultures around the world.


    C/ Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena, 15 28027 Madrid - Spain
    Tel : (34) 91 416 55 11
    • Founded 1933
    • Titles on backlist 1,250
    • books published/year 140

    Grupo Editorial Patria was founded more than 80 years ago, and over time has integrated other prestigious imprints, such as Publicaciones Cultural, CECSA, Nueva Imagen and Promexa. Its catalog includes educational books that range from preschool to university level, as well as general interest books. It publishes in both print and digital formats. As part of its objective, it has developed academic platforms to meet the new challenges facing Mexico’s educational system.


    Renacimiento, 180 Col. San Juan Tlihuaca Azcapotzalco 02400 México, D.F. - Mexico
    Tel : (52) (55) 5354 9100
    • Founded 1898
    • Titles on backlist 4,500
    • books published/year 400

    Bruño is a reference in academic publishing. In educational publishing for children up to age five, in 2019 Bruño expanded the catalog of the Quiero aprender collection with the project Fenómenos de la Naturaleza. It added to its primary education offering in the fields of music and the Catholic religion. Both are available in digital formats. A new workbook collection, Punto y Coma, is being launched in the complementary materials section. This series offers content and methods for primary school language and mathematics learning. It is continuing to update Juegos de Lectura, reading exercises to accompany the HALEO software application that makes it easier for teachers to manage in-class reading activities. The new version can be accessed from any device connected to the Internet.

    Grupo Editorial Bruño is also developing a wide range of children’s and young adult literature, and is a leader in the category for children up to age six, with the collection Las divertidas aventuras de las letras y los números and the Cubilete collection, which includes illustrated books such as Así es mi corazón and Ñac-Ñac, el monstruo comelibros. For young children up to age three, books such as ¿Qué hace el pollito Pío? and Tris-Tras Coloreshave proved popular. Some flagship collections such as El zoo de las letras have sold more than five million copies. Other popular collections are the El Principitoand Enid Blyton collections.

    Its children’s and young adult list includes such leading Spanish-language authors as Eliacer Cansino, Jordi Sierra i Fabra and Juan Ramón Barat.


    C/ Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena, 15 28027 Madrid - Spain
    Tel : (34) 91 724 48 00
    • Founded 1959
    • Titles on backlist 1,330
    • books published/year 100
    Anaya Infantil y Juvenil publishes a wide variety of books for children and young adults (picture books, children’s literature, Spanish and universal classics, teen fiction) both in fiction as well as leisure and educational books. The quality of its publications has garnered many national and international awards. Series such as Sopa de Libros, El Duende Verde (The Green Goblin), Pizca de Sal and Clásicos a Medida are among the most widely recommended by teachers, who have access to a broad range of reading programs and resources to inspire in-class reading. In addition to its array of printed materials, the company also has an extensive list of titles available in digital format, including illustrated books and fiction.


    C/ Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena, 15 28027 Madrid - Spain
    Tel : (34) 91 393 88 00
    • Founded 1989
    • Titles on backlist 500
    • books published/year 30
    Anaya Touring publishes books on travel, leisure and tourism. Its collections have become must-have reference guides thanks to the accuracy of the information, the abundance of data and the clarity of the maps provided, as well as offering different options for each type of traveler and style of trip. There are currently thirteen collections, including Guiarama, Total, Trotamundos-Routard, Camino de Santiago, Viajes en tren, Viva, Mapas Touring and Singulares, to name a few. It is currently expanding its offering with themed, illustrated books that are more extensive than the travel guides.


    C/ Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena, 15 28027 Madrid - Spain
    Tel : (34) 91 393 88 00
    • Founded 1944
    • Titles on backlist 170
    • books published/year 40
    Vox is a leading Spanish publisher of dictionaries and a reference for educational and language study books. Its content is marketed in a wide range of media andcountries. Vox publishes works for readers of all ages in all the official languages of Spain. It features the market’s widest range of bilingual dictionaries, with an offering that spans 11 languages. The company is currently diversifying its catalog to include children’sbooks and practical handbooks for both Spanishlanguage learning and other languages.


    C/ Rosa Sensat, 9-11 3ª planta Larousse Editorial S.L. 08005 Barcelona - Spain
    Tel : (34) 93 241 35 05
    • Founded 2016
    • Titles on backlist 250
    • books published/year 60

    Hachette Heroes e Infantil publishes iconic pop culture titles that form part of the modern collective imagination, in the world of films (Star Wars), video games (Fortnite), animation (Disney), comics and cartoons. Its greatest strength is the diversity of its offering, from books that use CGI technology to craft books, adult coloring books and cookbooks where the reader can rediscover the characters and scenes from their favorite movies. Its list for younger readers focuses on entertaining workbooks on a variety of topics, activity and story books based on characters from popular series and video games (Masha, Doraemon, Minions and Fortnite). In addition, it publishes special editions (books and educational workbooks) that are highly original, in line with its editorial policy.


    C/ Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena, 15 28027 Madrid - Spain
    Tel : (34) 91 393 88 00
    • Founded 1869
    • Titles on backlist 310
    • books published/year 20

    Salvat’s backlist includes such popular comic book series as Asterix, one of the world’s best-known comic book characters. The Spanish translations have sold two million copies over the past seven years.


    Carrer d’Amigó, 11 5a planta 08021 Barcelona – Spain
    Tel : (34) 93 495 57 00
    • Titles on backlist 440
    • books published/year 90
    Larousse has been present in Spain since 1912, the year it launched its first edition of El Pequeño Larousse Ilustrado. Over the decades, its commitment to providing information has made Larousse a benchmark of knowledge and learning in homes, schools and libraries. The current list is the result of the publisher’s history and drive to keep up with the times. Without abandoning the reference and information genres, Larousse has built up a range of illustrated books on a wide variety of themes, from food, family entertainment, children’s literature, astronomy and crafts to culture and historical atlases. In keeping with the latest trends and yet with the same rigorous approach, Larousse has expanded its focus to reach an ever broader and diverse audience.


    C/ Rosa Sensat, 9-11 3ª planta 08005 Barcelona - Spain
    Tel : (34) 93 241 35 05
    • Founded 1965
    • Titles on backlist 700
    • books published/year 80

    Ediciones Larousse in Mexico aims to foster the development of culture and knowledge by publishing and marketing content to all Spanish-speaking parts of Latin America, while maintaining its leadership position in the publication and distribution of informational and cultural content. Larousse Mexico is known particularly for its quality food and cooking publications, such as Larousse Grandes chefs mexicanos: panadería repostería y chocolatería. In 2019, it won three Gourmand awards for Larousse del Chocolate, Pan artesanal en casa and Cuida tu corazón. The imprint recently expanded its collection for preschool childrenwith the Leo en inglés series, which aims to support and facilitate English language learning.


    Renacimiento, 180 Col. San Juan Tlihuaca Azcapotzalco C.P. 02400 México, D.F. Mexico
    Tel : (52) (55) 1102 1300
    • Founded 1984
    • Titles on backlist 800
    • books published/year 120
    Anaya Multimedia is the top Spanish publisher of works dealing with technology and photography. It offers an extensive range of titles, including publications about mobile systems and social media and their multiple applications. Under the PhotoClub imprint, it has also launched a new and flourishing publishing venture focusing on the technical and artistic aspects of photography and involving the best-known authors in the field. With the Oberon imprint, the publisher has launched a new line aimed at the consumer market that has been very well received by readers and has produced a significant number of bestsellers. Anaya Multimedia is compiling its digital catalog, with titles that lend themselves to this format due to their themes and authors.


    C/ Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena, 15 28027 Madrid - Espagne
    Tel : (34) 91 393 88 00
    • Founded 1973
    • Titles on backlist 1,100
    • books published/year 90

    Ediciones Pirámide’s catalog mainly features books of interest to the business and academic communities, as well as to the general public. These include print and digital academic, reference and personal development books related to economics and business administration, psychology, education and science.


    C/ Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena, 15 28027 Madrid - Spain
    Tel : (34) 91 393 89 89
    • Founded 1947
    • Titles on backlist 900
    • books published/year 180

    Tecnos, founded in 1947, publishes 12 collections covering law and legislation, philosophy, sociology, politics and classic works of thought from all periods of history. Its university textbook and legal texts collections (BUET/BTL) are the leading publications in their respective markets in Spain.


    C/ Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena, 15 28027 Madrid - Espagne
    Tel : (34) 91 393 88 00
    • Founded 1973
    • Titles on backlist 2,100
    • books published/year 80

    Cátedra is the top-ranking publisher of annotated classics with its Letras Hispánicas and Letras Universales series. It also publishes books on linguistics, literary analysis and criticism as well, as philosophy, art, history, communication and cinema (some of which are illustrated). The Feminismos collection has become especially topical in recent years, and since 1990 has raised the profile of feminism through publications that cover various disciplines related to gender and women’s studies. Cátedra also offers digital versions of its new releases and backlist titles.


    C/ Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena, 15 28027 Madrid - Spain
    Tel : (34) 91 393 87 87
    • Founded 1966
    • Titles on backlist 4,100
    • books published/year 250

    Alianza Editorial has a comprehensive, prestigious catalog that offers books with a wide variety of contentand in a number of different formats. Its paperback collection El libro de bolsillo is renowned in the Spanish-speaking world for its Bibliotecas de Autor series, with titles written by the most esteemed Spanish-language authors, as well as international authors such as Salinger, Golding, Kafka, Brecht, Schopenhauer, Freud,Mishima, Roth and many more. Alianza also publishes contemporary fiction by prizewinning authors, such as the 2019 Nobel Prize in Literature, Peter Handke, winner of the Pepe Carvalho prize, Juan Madrid, as well as fantasy and science fiction by authors like Joe Abercrombie and Ken Liu. Its nonfiction catalog includes works geared to both the academic community and the general public; it publishes timely books on national and international topics, contemporary issues as well as coffee table books and cookbooks. Alianza has a varied digital offering that includes new essays and literature and a select number of its backlist titles.


    C/ Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena, 15 28027 Madrid - Spain
    Tel : (34) 91 393 88 88
    • Founded 2016
    • Titles on backlist 70
    • books published/year 20
    AdN Alianza de Novelas is a contemporary fiction imprint that is aimed at a broad readership and designed to offer a wide range of genres and authors. AdN launched with star author Michael Connelly and has already published seven of his novels; two further titles are planned for release in 2020 and 2021. Other notable crime writers in their catalog are Tana French, B.A. Paris, and Kate Atkinson. Big names in literature also feature, such as Ann Patchett, Madeleine Miller and Richard Powers. Despite being relatively new to the market, AdN’s catalog features winners of two Goncourt prizes, two Pulitzers and two Man Booker Prizes (in 2018 and 2019), as well as Prix Femina, German Book Prize and Swiss Book Prize winners in 2019.


    C/ Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena, 15 28027 Madrid - Spain
    Tel : (34) 91 393 88 00
    • Founded 2008
    • Titles on backlist 220
    • books published/year 8

    Bóveda began as a specialist publisher of historical texts with a focus on religious conspiracies, but in recent years has begun to publish women’s fiction and crime fiction set in exotic locations, or with historical settings. Its catalog brings together renowned international fiction writers such as Andrea H. Japp, Mark Billingham and Tom Harper. It publishes mainly international bestselling authors including B.A. Shapiro, Katherine Webb and Kimberley Freeman. It also publishes illustrated children's books, ranging from traditional stories from all periods to the latest works of Tim Collins.


    C/ Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena, 15 28027 Madrid - Spain
    Tel : (34) 91 393 88 00
    • Founded 1979
    • Titles on backlist 1,800
    • books published/year 90

    Xerais, the Group’s representative in Galicia, publishes educational books, poetry, prose, plays, essays, children’s and young adult literature, dictionaries and a wide range of other books of interest to the general public in Galician. Galician writers are strongly represented in its literary catalog, which includes the works of Manuel Rivas and Ledicia Costas, a literary sensation for readers of children’s and young adult books.


    Doutor Marañón, 12 36211 Vigo - Spain
    Tel : (34) 986 214 888