A threefold business


Partworks are collectible series, containing both a magazine and objects (figurines, collectibles or models to assemble). They offer consumers an opportunity to build up a full collection on a given theme, step by step, by buying one installment after another on a weekly or biweekly basis. Partworks are marketed as periodicals, distributed in community-based points of sale (newspaper and magazine stands) and through subscription. These collectible magazines, which often include objects or components, are tailored to different markets and available in many countries all around the world. They target both amateurs and connoisseurs alike, and have already attracted millions of collectors across the world with titles such as Build the Titanic, Build the Bismarck, A Century of Cars, The Universe, The Art of Knitting, Apprendre et connaître l’Astrologie, The Art of Crochet and Montres de gousset. Build the Titanic was, for instance, published in almost all of the countries in which the Group distributes partworks. Hachette Collections covers all the classic themes, from children’s interest to arts and crafts, fine arts, cars, models and more.

Hachette Livre began investing in partworks in 1988, with the acquisition of Salvat in Spain, followed by the creation of Hachette Collections in France in 1995. Over the years, it has expanded its international network with subsidiaries in several countries. Today, Hachette Collections publishes in 12 languages and is present in 27 countries, covering France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada with Hachette Collections; Spain, Portugal and Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Peru) with Salvat since the beginning of the 1990s; United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa with Hachette Partworks since 1998; Italy since 1998 with Hachette Fascicoli; Germany, Austria and Poland since 2001; Japan since 2004 and recently Taiwan; Russia since 2009 and Central Europe (Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia) since 2011. And in 2013, the company began distributing partworks in Ukraine and Belarus, its most recent international expansion.

  • KOLEKCJA Hachette’s biggest successes include its educational collections, such as The Whole Universe and ABC, but also book collections like Agatha Christie, a deluxe, bilingual version of the complete works of Shakespeare, and model kits. KOLEKCJA Hachette recently launched the Disney Golden Books series with considerable success.


    sp.z.0.0. – Ul.Widok8, 9th floor
    00-023 Warszawa – Poland
    Tél : 48 227 498 500
    Site web : https://kolekcja-hachette.pl/
  • Hachette Partworks sells all of its collections in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Malta. On this highly competitive market, in which it is vital to remain on the lookout for mass-market concepts, Hachette Partworks has developed a portfolio of highly attractive products, which have been successfully adapted by the wider Group: Art Therapy, The Art of Knitting, The Art of Crochet, The Marvel Graphic Novel Collection, Judge Dredd and Assassin’s Creed.


    4th Floor, Jordan House 47, Brunswick Place London
    N1 6EB London - United Kingdom
    Tél : (44) (0)204 014 5950
    Site web : www.hachettepartworks.com
  • HKR was founded in 2009 and started by adapting the Group’s international bestsellers, such as Build the Bismarck, The Art of Crochet and Pocket Watches and Musical Instruments for the Russian market. In 2012, the company launched its first original collection, a Russian language series of monographs on the Russian Tsars, Build Your Own Globe and The World’s Most Beloved Stamps.


    49 building2, Vytskaya str.
    127015 Moscow – Russie
    Tél : 7 (495) 974 73 83 17 48
    Site web : www.hachette-kollektsia.ru/
  • Hachette Fascicoli is one of the leading players in Italy’s partworks market, but it also markets its products in Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia. The series devoted to building large models of cars and other vehicles, such as tractors and construction equipment, are hugely successful. The direct marketing business, with the Disney Book Club and other children’s book collections, is also doing well through the telemarketing and Internet channels. Since 2016 Hachette Fascicoli has also been active in blind bags sold in news kiosks.


    Via Melchiorre Gioia, 61
    20124 Milano - Italy
    Tél : (39) (0)2 62689100
    Site web : https://www.hachette-fascicoli.it/
  • Hachette Collections Japan publishes partwork collections covering a wide range of interests and hobbies, for all audiences in Japan. In the last few years, an increasing number of Japanese works have contributed to the subsidiary’s success (notably Japanese Cars, Japanese Warplanes, Pirates of the Caribbean, Coins and Banknotes of the World, F14 and Disney Tsum Tsum). European collections such as Crochet, Knitting and Ferrari F1 are performing well in this market.


    4F, Kenkyusha English Center Bldg, 1-2 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku
    Tokyo 162-0825 Japan
    Tél : Tel : 81 (0)3 6826 7200 ; Fax: (81) (0)3 3267 5961
    Site web : www.hachette-collections.jp/
  • Hachette Collections is the leader on the partworks market and on the direct marketing book market. The company sells its partwork collections in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Quebec with great success. In recent years, collections such as Marvel Classics, Easy Knitting and Firefighting Cars and Trucks have had very strong sales. Regarding the direct marketing book business, year after year, Hachette Collections recruits hundreds of thousands of new readers in France and Belgium for the Disney Book Club and other children’s books collections, such as the new Cars collection, through various channels such as e-mail, telemarketing and Internet.


    58 rue Jean Bleuzen
    92178 Vanves Cédex - France
    Tél : (33) (0)1 43 92 30 00
    Site web : https://www.hachette-collections.com/
  • Editorial Salvat is one of the oldest and best-known publishers in Spain and South America. It is a pioneer in the partworks and collectables market, publishing in both Spanish and Portuguese, and maintains a strong presence in Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Peru and the rest of Latin America. In 2016 Salvat embarked on a process of transformation and growth across all its markets. Notable successes include the Marvel collections in Brazil and Argentina, the DC Comics books in Spain, the highly successful relaunch of the miniature car collection, Autos Inolvidables Argentinos, in Argentina, and the crafting series in Spain. Over the next few years, in addition to strengthening its distance-selling channels, Salvat is developing a new e-commerce channel offering exclusive products tied to its collections with improved customer service.


    EDITORIAL SALVAT, S.L., Amigó, 11, 5ª Planta
    08021 Barcelona
    Tél : 34 93 495 57 00
    Site web : https://www.salvat.com/