Hachette Livre


Attract, foster and promote talent in order to offer readers everywhere in the world the best writing and illustrations in all categories and formats.


Our commitment

Hachette Livre, a subsidiary of the French media giant Lagardère and a depository of part of France’s cultural heritage, is pushing beyond its historical borders, pursuing the adventure Louis Hachette began in 1826.

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Arnaud Nourry

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Hachette Livre

Key figures in 2013

Diversity: the key to profitability

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  • 2,066

    million euros

    in revenue across all the Group’s markets in 2013

  • More than 150


    in 2013 covering literature, education, illustrated books, children’s books, dictionaries and encyclopedias, partworks, etc.

  • 6,935


    including 40% French-speaking, 35% English-speaking and 14% Spanish-speaking in 2013

  • 16,452

    new titles

    representing 50% of the Group’s business in 2013

  • 49,000


    from the catalogs of all the Group’s publishers digitized in 2013

Press releases

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Key dates

From 1826 to the present day: almost two centuries of patient, diligent work

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  • Louis Hachette


    Louis Hachette, a 26-year-old graduate of France’s prestigious École Normale Supérieure, opens Brédif, a bookshop located near the Sorbonne in Paris.

Our hall of fame

In more than 170 years, the publishing houses that now make up Hachette Livre have produced many a masterpiece.

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  • Charles Darwin began to note his thoughts on evolution as early as 1837 upon his return from a trip to South America, Australia and Africa. His plan was to feed on twenty years of observations, research and theory to write a major work. Yet, under pressure from a rival essay, he ended up condensing it into a short volume, published in 1859…

  • It was with this “perfectly impersonal” book, as it was described by Charles-Augustin Sainte-Beuve, that Gustave Flaubert invented the “modern” novel. Madame Bovary was the fruit of five years of work and recounts the romantic fantasies and frustrations of a woman who is unable to escape her life as a provincial doctor’s wife…


Making the most of digital reading technology is a priority for the Group.

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The digital revolution is changing the dynamics of the book publishing business worldwide. It has opened new frontiers to authors and their imagination, and changed the very act of reading. It has turned hand-held devices…