Stock is France’s oldest-established publishing house. It dates back to the founding of the Cailleau bookshop in 1708, which was later taken over by Pierre-Victor Stock. It has published authors such as Rousseau, Cocteau and Apollinaire, and in the twentieth century became a major publisher of foreign titles. Its series La Cosmopolite includes books by 20 Nobel prizewinners. Today, it is reviving its tradition of producing quality French fiction with, among others, its well-known Bleue collection, which includes major authors of contemporary fiction, like Érik Orsenna, Philippe Claudel, Jean-Louis Fournier and Didier Decoin, as well as leading essayists such as Alain Finkielkraut, Axel Kahn, Jean-Pierre Le Goff and Annie Le Brun. Adrien Bosc won the Grand Prix de l’Académie Française, Christophe Boltanski was awarded the Prix Femina, Paolo Cognetti captured the Prix Médicis Étranger and Jean-Luc Coatalem won the Prix Femina Essai. In addition, Olivia de Lamberterie was awarded the Prix Renaudot Essai, Elisabeth de Fontenay captured the Prix Femina Essai and Rachel Kushner won the Prix Médicis Étranger.