Distribution centers

Publishing would be nothing without distribution. To publish is also to deliver a book to its readers, at the right place and the right time, be it in chain bookstores, high-street booksellers, drugstores or supermarkets. The business of distribution is based on logistics. Its complexity increases with the number of books processed. Most Hachette Livre distribution centers process up to one hundred thousand titles and can store more than a hundred million books. Invoicing, freight and managing returns contribute to making distribution a strategic link in the book’s value chain. Digital books also need to be distributed and require specific expertise and infrastructure.

Distribution centers



    In France, Hachette Livre has 100,000 square meters of distribution space spread across four sites: Maurepas and Balizy (both just outside Paris), Lyon and Nantes. These facilities handle distribution for third-party and all Group imprints, approximately eighty publishers in all. Every day, the Maurepas Center and its regional distribution hubs process a million books and ship 15,000-20,000 packages throughout France, making Hachette Livre the largest book distributor in France. Hachette Livre also has a distribution center in Belgium.
    A sales force markets the books to the various distribution circuits (bookstores, chain stores, supermarkets, online outlets, etc.) in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Quebec. As ebook-stores and digital readers pour into the global market, Hachette Livre Distribution is prepared with an integrated digital distribution service open to all types of platforms. Developed by the Group’s French, Spanish, British and American innovation teams leveraging the latest, most high-performance technologies, this distribution system also offers extra services (such as conversion and file-saving, big data management, anti-piracy protection and commercial reporting) and not just for Group publishers, but all interested publishers, whether or not they are clients of Hachette Livre Distribution.

    • In addition, Hachette Livre Distribution has launched a print-on-demand service jointly with Lightning Source, the worldwide market leader.

      Hachette Livre Distribution

      1, avenue Gutenberg 78316 Maurepas Cedex - France

      Tél : (33) (0)1 30 66 20 66


    • The LBS facility is located in West Sussex, England, and distributes books published by Orion, Octopus and Little, Brown as well as 30 third-party publishers, including Thames & Hudson. The 23,000-square-meter facility has 260 employees who process a total of 37 million books a year.


      Faraday Close Durrington Worthing West Sussex BN13 3RB - United Kingdom

      Tél : (44) (0) 19 0382 8500

      Website: www.bookpoint.wp.hachette.co.uk

    • Bookpoint is located in Abingdon, Oxfordshire and distributes Headline, Hodder & Stoughton, Hachette Children’s Group, Hodder Education and Quercus in the United Kingdom and a number of client publishers. This 20,000-square-metre facility processes 122,000 books a day, or 26 million books a year.


      130, Milton Park Abingdon OX14 4SE - United Kingdom

      Tél : (44) (0)12 35 400 400

      Website: www.bookpoint.wp.hachette.co.uk


    • ADS is located 80 km north of Sydney and distributes books throughout Australia and New Zealand. Every year, 24,000 titles are stored in 11,530 square meters, and 17 million books are processed by 100 employees.

      Alliance Distribution Services

      9, Pioneer Ave, Tuggerah NSW 2259 - Australia

      Tél : (61) (0)2 4390 1300

      Website: www.alliancedist.com.au

  •  Distribution Hachette Livre International

    • Hachette Livre International (HLI) handles distribution abroad and in the French overseas territories of books from all of Hachette Livre’s publishers and a number of third-party publishers. It processes 15 million books a year.

      Hachette Livre International

      11, rue Paul Bert 92247 Malakoff Cedex - France

      Tél : (33) (0)1 55 00 11 00

      Website: www.hachette-livre-international.com/fr


    • HBG Distribution Services has a number of major American and International publishers as clients. Their distribution facility, which is located in Lebanon, Indiana, spans over 1.4 million square feet and processes an average of 562,000 books a day, shipping over 141 million units a year. They also offer a flexible range of services including warehousing, fulfillment, billing and collections, customer service, and account management, along with value-added services such as sales, production and digital services.

      Hachette Book Group

      237, Park Avenue New York, New York 10017 – United States

      Tél : (1) (212) 364 1100

      Website: http://www.hachettebookgroup.com


    • Comercial Grupo Anaya’s distribution facility, located in Getafe, near Madrid, distributes books from all of Grupo Anaya and Bruño’s brands in Spain and abroad. This 31,000-square-meter platform also handles a number of third-party publishers. It processes more than 26 million units a year.

      Comercial Grupo Anaya

      C/ Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena, 15 28027 Madrid - Spain

      Tél : (34) 91 393 86 00 (34) 91 393 87 00 (Export)