Our commitment

Président directeur général
... the best that writing has to offer, whether printed on paper or displayed on a screen

Arnaud Nourry

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Hachette Livre


Hachette Livre, a subsidiary of the French media giant Lagardère and a repository of part of France’s cultural heritage, is pushing beyond its historical borders, pursuing the adventure Louis Hachette began in 1826. Today, the Group brings together a broad spectrum of prestigious publishers covering the entire consumer book market. Three words sum up the Group’s commitment: diversity, independence and profitability. Hachette Livre is a constellation of publishers, in which literature and textbooks appear alongside travel guides and cookbooks. A shared focus on quality drives the Group’s imprints, which develop independently and cultivate their particular identities. Independence, specific to publishing, spawns creativity. Publishers perform best when they are close to their markets, their authors and their readers. Diversity contributes to Hachette Livre’s financial soundness. Covering all editorial genres in French, English and Spanish offsets the impact of an economic downturn and makes the Group’s performance more predictable. As a result, Hachette Livre is well equipped to face new challenges such as the ambitions of Internet giants, the consolidation of book retailing and the advent of digital e-readers. In the face of these changes, we must make sure that our publishers have the resources to meet the expectations of both readers and authors and innovate to anticipate what the reading experience will be like in the future. We have also made a commitment to sustainable development. Hachette Livre is one of the first publishing groups in the world to conduct carbon footprint assessments in all its major countries. Sustainable development also means that every book we publish, irrespective of the medium, must be recognized for its true worth. We also have to expand into new markets, especially emerging countries where books are bound to become a mass market entertainment product in the near future. Fortified by our diversity and our standing as third-largest international publisher, we are taking these challenges in our stride, enabling the Group’s publishers to pursue their adventures, some centuries old, and provide readers with the best that writing has to offer, whether printed on paper or displayed on a screen.