The digital revolution has transformed the book publishing business on a global scale. It is diversifying the experience of reading and learning, opening up new marketing frontiers to publishers and providing authors and illustrators with new opportunities for expression. Computers and mobile devices are becoming individual points of sale, providing access to an infinite choice of books and content, from new releases and backlist titles to hard-to-find or even long out-of-print works.

Hachette has been in the vanguard of the book industry’s response to the world of opportunity generated by these technological innovations. It has adapted to emerging consumer behaviors and new forms of reading. At the same time, as a depository of its authors’ fiduciary interests, Hachette Livre is careful to ensure that its important role is acknowledged and that it receives an adequate share of the revenue stream.

Protecting our authors’ interests. As part of this initiative, Hachette Livre has taken steps to secure the long-term future of the book trade by ensuring copyright compliance and sustainable pricing. It is also committed to preventing piracy: to protect its authors’ interests, Hachette Livre has implemented a large-scale, automated anti-piracy solution which detects infringing files and sends out take-down notices to the offending sites, hosts, etc. It includes systematic delisting orders on search engines.

Establishing a direct connection with readers. Hachette Livre is now taking advantage of the increase in digital channels and social media to embark on a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) initiative to bring authors, imprints and collections closer to readers. CRM is a means of establishing a direct, personal connection with readers, to develop more effective, relevant advertising campaigns and win book-buyer loyalty.

Digital books

As early as 2006, Hachette Livre was one of the first companies to start digitizing its publishing houses’ catalogues. The Group has a state-of-the-art infrastructure, including rights management systems, digital warehousing, distribution and sales facilities, enabling it to provide its titles in digital format on all sales platforms. In response to the boom in digital book reading equipment (tablets, e-readers, smartphones, etc.), Hachette Livre optimizes the rights entrusted to it by its authors and offers an appealing range of ebooks to meet reader demand, available throughout the retail network.

The catalogues of Hachette Livre’s publishing houses are available on all ebook sales platforms, including international pure players, the big national chains and independent booksellers. Hachette Book Group in the USA, which currently has a digital catalogue of over 8,000 titles, is now present in the ebook-stores of Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Google Play and many others. In the United Kingdom, Hachette UK currently offers around 31,000 digitized titles, available as ebooks on platforms including Amazon, Apple, Google Play and Kobo. In France, Hachette Livre currently markets over 30,000 digitized titles via bookshop e-stores and the Fnac, Apple, Google and Amazon online stores. In just a decade, Hachette has sold tens of millions of ebooks worldwide, and in countries where digital reading practices have become part of the landscape, Hachette Livre is at the top of the list of best-selling ebooks.

Complementing evolving educational practices. Drawing on its long experience in educational publishing, Hachette Livre is taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digital technology to enhance its tools and resources aimed at students and teachers in primary, secondary and higher education. All the school textbook publishers in the United Kingdom, France and Spain are developing innovative solutions for both classwork and homework, in line with government policies promoting the use of digital media in education. From the digital multi-support version of a textbook to enhanced classroom content including game-changing self-assessment, solutions, educational content is becoming more diverse, personalized and dynamic. The Group’s publishing houses are perfectly prepared to complement evolving educational practices in Europe.

Defining open technology standards. In support of compatibility and accessibility, Hachette Livre is committed to defining and developing open technology standards. It is active in international cross-disciplinary organizations such as the Readium Foundation, the European Digital Reading Lab (EDR Lab), the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) and W3C.

The Digital Asset Distribution (DAD) system

The Digital Asset Distribution (DAD) system is a centralized digital warehouse for storing and distributing ebooks. Developed as a comprehensive, unified system, DAD is a collaborative venture involving Hachette Book Group, Hachette Livre in France, Anaya and Hachette UK. This range of services is also offered as added value for third-party publishers distributed by Hachette Livre.

Harvesting the fruit of the digital revolution is a top priority for Hachette Livre, and the returns on its many initiatives suggest that its digital strategy is indeed extremely promising.

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Innovative products for the digital markets

Innovative products for the digital markets


    Bruce Benamran is the talented popular science guru behind the YouTube channel e-penser, designed to make science accessible to all. Spotted by Marabout, he published a book and mobilized his community of hundreds of thousands of fans to publicize it. The video announcing the book’s publication garnered 300,000 views and brought a new audience into bookstores.


    Covering France and its regions as well as key destinations around the world, the website, a spin-off from Hachette Tourisme’s celebrated Guide du Routard collection, is an online trip planning tool and source of inspiration for travelers. With 2.3 million page views per month (Médiamétrie, March/April 2015),, created in 2001, is France’s leading online travel guide.


    Didier was the first publisher to develop an online language lab, a forerunner of today’s virtual learning environments (VLE). In 2015, Didier innovated again with two apps for tablets and smartphones based on the French-as-a-foreign-language (FFL) course Saison. In 2016 all of the disciplines covered in the publisher’s catalogue will be available as enhanced, interactive e-textbooks, with interactive workbooks for languages.


    Hachette Romans promotes reading on all forms of social media: is France’s first young readers’ community, with almost 100,000 unique visitors per month and 80,000 registered users (source: Google Analytics). Black Moon’s official Facebook page has more than 100,000 followers.


    The digital version of Jacques Expert’s Tu me plais, published by Le Livre de Poche, includes bonus content that invites readers to explore an alternative ending to the story. By scanning the QR code at the end of the book with their smartphone or tablet, they can access an additional 18 pages not included in the paper version.


    Fayard and Hachette Digital promoted the Steve Jobs biography extensively with a QR code on the book to enter a prize draw, competitions on social media and a video trailer.


    The website of Hatier’s extracurricular education imprint, Annabac, has had a makeover. Covering all subjects in the secondary school curriculum, lesson reviews and exercises as well as exam preparation, provides students with resources and methods for working independently or with supervision, with a variety of resources tailored to their needs and working habits.


    Thanks to its online encyclopedia and dictionaries, the website continues to attract new visitors, with more than 70 million page views and eight million unique visitors per month worldwide. It is ranked 125th among French sites.


    Larousse offers more than 40 apps in the cooking, reference, French- and foreign-language segments for all platforms (Apple, Android, Microsoft, Samsung, Kindle, etc.). Its apps regularly feature on annual bestseller lists. Larousse also has a Facebook community 280,000 strong.


    The Passeport team (Hachette Education) developed the serious game Le Voyage Extraordinaire to help second graders (children seven to eight years old) review the school curriculum. Like in a video game, children progress through a story punctuated with exercises in the form of games that go back over what they have learned.


    Révise tes tables de multiplication is a game for memorizing the one to ten times tables. In a prehistoric setting, the child must help three characters to escape the claws of a cave lion by finding the right answers.


    Mes dictées CE1 à CM2 is a game featuring 2D and 3D images for reviewing second- and third-grade spelling words. The child has to spell the words correctly to defeat goblins and giants.

  • KWYK

    KWYK is an interactive exercise website for the secondary school market designed by Hachette Éducation. It invites teachers to create personalized review sets and exercises for their students and allows them to keep track of each student’s work, progress and place for improvement through individualized dashboards. KWYK is the first innovative adaptive learning solution Hachette Éducation has made available to teachers. It is already being used by several thousand students in France.


    Hachette Education, Hatier, Didier, Foucher and Istra share a single platform where teachers and students can access all their digital educational resources in ePub3 format and benefit from numerous teaching tools. Educadhoc enables teachers to personalize content, prepare instructional sequences, teach lessons, exchange content with students and monitor their performance, while students can use the app to work on their own projects and presentations. Educadhoc offers a different approach to learning with personalized student monitoring.
    Educadhoc covers all types of educational resources, including interactive and enhanced digital textbooks for students and teachers, interactive, self-correcting exercise databases that can be used autonomously, personalized or self-adapting exercise sequences that can be tailored to each individual student, as well as classic literature. The educational resources published by Hachette Education, Hatier, Didier, Foucher and Istra and distributed by Kiosque Numérique de l’Education (KNE) are available online or offline, in the classroom or at home, on all media including PC, Apple and tablet. The Educadhoc app is available for free download from app stores.


  • Hodder & Stoughton

    Think Like Churchill is a revolutionary new app designed with app developers Touchpress and Boris Johnson, London Mayor and author of The Churchill Factor (Hodder & Stoughton). The app, narrated by Johnson, takes users through Churchill’s various tough decisions and asks the user what they would have done in the same situations, including major political choices such as the Dardanelles campaign.

  • Hodder Faith

    Easy to read, easy to navigate and easy to listen to, the NIV Audio Bible App, by Hodder Faith, is a world first, combining the full text of the world¹s bestselling Bible in British spelling, with full audio recording read by David Suchet (TV’s Hercule Poirot). The audio Bible is broken down into chapters and available from iTunes or on CD.

  • Hachette UK

    #WhereIwrite was developed par Hachette UK with Twitter and Periscope and is a growing collection of short videos made by authors from all over the world in which Hachette authors talk about and show their room, shed, attic, study or summer house where they sit down every day to write their books. The #WhereIWrite series showcases the new Periscope app and enables readers to engage directly with their favourite authors.

  • Rising Stars

    Rising Stars Assessment Bank is a new service for schools that gives teachers complete flexibility in designing and printing their own tests for pupils. It is the first of its kind for the new curriculum in England and is an important step in the Assessment 2020 project.

  • Rising Stars

    A finalist for a 2016 BETT Awards, My Rising Stars is a new service for teachers that brings together Rising Stars’ online resources into a single, personal, online dashboard. At a click, a teacher can access all the ebooks, videos and interactive resources that their school has purchased, along with a wealth of free content that target their areas of interest. ’Teasers’ appear in the dashboard too, advertising new and upcoming resources that may be of interest.

  • Octopus

    In collaboration with Ella’s Kitchen, the UK’s leading baby food brand, Octopus have released a weaning guide and cookbook containing 130+ recipes plus expert tips and advice. The app features a weekly meal planner, emailable shopping lists, built-in cooking timers and many more handy tools. The app won a FutureBook Award and was named one of the best apps of 2015 by Apple.

  • Orion

    Belgravia marries cutting edge technology with the age-old art of storytelling. A free, immersive app containing the first episode of Julian’s new story is available to download to smartphones and tablets from Google Play and iTunes App Stores, or via A further ten episodes will be released week by week, building up the story in bite-sized instalments complete with twists and turns and cliffhanger endings.

Innovative products for the digital markets

  • Hachette Book Group

    SalesForce Social Studio is a powerful social listening, publishing, and monitoring tool enables Hachette Book Group to monitor conversations about books and authors from more than 1 billion data sources in real time, enabling marketers to engage with consumers in a more targeted way.

  • Hachette Book Group

    Looking Glass is a new audience report that uses social media metrics and website analysis to more effectively target an author’s readership. Hachette Book Group uses this new tool to better understand the audiences of some of its biggest bestselling authors.

  • Hachette Book Group

    This is an interactive cookbook, designed by Grand Central Publishing, that provides enhanced app functionalities including timers and demonstration videos, narrated by author and renowned chef Mario Batali.

  • Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

    Hachette Book Group won a Digital Book Award for Penny Chic: How to Be Stylish on a Real Girl’s Budget by Shauna Miller in the category of Enhanced Fixed Format Ebook. The enhanced ebook of the Penny Chic style guide features tools to identify your personal style and advice on how to put together a killer outfit and wear it with confidence, plus bonus behind-the-scenes photos and videos.

  • Little, Brown and Company

    Never before has the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum published a complete registry of inductees with plaques, photographs, and extended biographies. This unique 75th anniversary edition features the stories of every player inducted into the Hall, organized by position.

  • Hachette Book Group

    This self-service online resource for authors and their agents provides secure access to sales information, royalty information, HBG’s Guide for Authors, and other tools. Since launching this channel of HBG’s business portal in fall 2014, hundreds of authors and agents have accessed the site.


  • Evaluapp

    Evaluapp is a new tool for continuous assessment and curricular skills acquisition, published by the Anaya Group. Designed to facilitate the increasingly complex work of assessment, it is compliant with the various regulatory environments of Spain’s autonomous communities, starting with Andalusia.

  • AulaDigital

    AulaDigital is a new digital service that makes it easier to distribute content and work both in and out of the school environment. It has an online version and a mobile app for tablets, which are synchronized with each other, enabling students and teachers to work regardless of internet connection. Like a very simple LMS, it enables teachers to create and organize their own digital lessons and personalize content.

  • New ebooks

    Innovations in ebook design include improvements in usability, standards adoption and content interoperability. They are made to be compatible with all the devices and adapted to the connectivity situations in which they will be used, taking into account the fact that most schools are essentially offline. This form of distribution ensures that content is constantly updated and synchronized with the learning management system (LMS) if appropriate.